Our trip to Essex

pink firework | takinaday | Flickr
Our pink firework… in a slightly blurry photo! 🙂

This week we visited some family in Essex. It was around a two and a half hour journey for us to get there, and we couldn’t wait to see our family and friends that we haven’t seen in over a year!

We booked online at a B&B in Hornchurch, right by the station – it was excellent. Our room was lovely, and very clean – and the breakfast was superb with great local produce served each morning.

The main reason we went to Essex was for my friends 40th Birthday… she had planned a firework party… how exciting!

Instead of the usual “bring a bottle” – we were asked to “bring a firework”… very different, but how exciting! When it comes to fireworks, I have absolutely no clue. A quick Google search on the morning of the party, and we found a firework shop just a few minutes walk from our B&B… what a result!

The shop was called Lets Party Fireworks, and WOW what a shop… I have never seen so many fireworks in my life. It was quite a daunting experience deciding what firework we would be best taking, but the staff in the shop helped us find the perfect firework. My friend’s favourite colour is of course, pink… so we managed to find a PINK firework!

Fast forward to the firework party, and what a great night it was… my friend had the best birthday ever – and I must say our pink firework was the highlight of the night.

I took a video which I will try to upload soon… keep your eyes peeled! 😀

Above is the video of the firework we bought, Pink Mojo… as you can see it was a beautiful firework – and you can probably tell from the video how gobsmacked we were watching it in the sky!